Full Cycle Game Academy

Innovative game development education specializing in Unreal Engine. Founded by Gamecan.

About the Academy

Full Cycle Game Academy is a unique game development education opportunity where you will learn from experienced Unreal Engine specialists. The goal is to provide our students with all the knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure them a spot in the game industry.

The academy will emulate a real-life game development company’s work with the game industry’s widely used tools, experiences, and processes. We will develop your teamwork, organization, and communication skills and offer in-depth training in Unreal Engine. We’ll help you to become a successful Unreal Engine game specialist. 

Submissions are currently closed. We will be opening the admissions in Spring 2024. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.


Unreal Engine specialists are the most sought after talent in the game industry.

Full Cycle Game Academy is the first Unreal Engine Authorized Training center in Northern Europe!

Studying in Pärnu

Pärnu is the fourth largest city in Estonia. It’s known for its large beaches and gorgeous nature. The living costs in Pärnu are very low and the living environment is one of the best in the region. Check it out yourself!

The classroom will be equipped with state of the art computers and has all the software you need for your study. We will provide you “after hours” time in the classroom every day to work on your projects.

The lecturers will mentor you throughout the courses and the education team is available for support and help with the relocation.

Full Cycle Game Academy has support from the Pärnu city government!


Gamecan is a rapidly growing game development studio based in Pärnu, Estonia. We specialize in Unreal Engine.

With our fast growth it’s been a challenge to find new talent as fast as we’d like to expand our team and we see that the problem is increasing globally. More and more Unreal Engine specialists are needed in the game industry as the engine is quickly growing in popularity.

This, and the mission to develop the game development scene in Estonia, is what led us to creating Full Cycle Game Academy and we are really excited to welcome new students to our academy!