Full Cycle Game Academy

Innovative game development education specializing in Unreal Engine. Founded by Gamecan.

Meet our Instructors

César has 20 years of experience in film and commercials, specializing in post-production, VFX, and motion graphics. In 2020, he transitioned to the videogame industry, starting with Tetris Beat, and became captivated by game engines, particularly Unreal Engine by Epic Games. As a passionate generalist in Unreal, he expanded his expertise to Real Time VFX in 2021, utilizing tools like Niagara, shaders, blueprints, Houdini, After Effects, and Substance Designer. Certified as an Authorized Unreal Instructor in 2023, César continuously explores new techniques to enhance his workflow.

Abhilash is a Game Producer focusing on attention to minor details. He has 7+ years of experience building high performance teams from scratch while also having worked on a video game recommendation engine with a focus on player motivation and monitoring trends in the games industry. Prior game design knowledge that allows him to understand mechanics and game design and contribute to the overall design process while keeping in mind budget and production constraints. Now based in Estonia, he continues to inspire on motivating and building high performance development teams for the games industry.

An is a passionate game developer who started his journey with Unreal Engine in 2015. With his experience in a 4 year Computer Science course, he’s been exposed to many aspects of the IT worlds such as Software development, Deep learning and Computer vision. However, his true passion for making games never fades away as he constantly self taught himself to program in Unreal Engine throughout the course period and then decided to fly to Estonia all the way from Viet Nam in 2023 to follow his dream.

Tõnu is an experienced sound designer and music producer who has worked in the industry for over 5 years and has a passion for experimenting with sounds. He uses Fruity Loops as his main tool and knows his way around in Unreal Engine when needed. Tõnu’s expertise in music and game audio allows him to create music and sound effects that effectively captures the desired emotions in listeners.

Yuri has been in the industry for the last 9 years, seven of them at Ringtail Studios. As a technical artist, he is responsible for creating automation scripts and add-ons for projects and also acts as a typical 3D artist. This means that it helps with automating big data related to modeling, baking, and texturing models. He often works as a mentor to new artists, teaching them the basics of Blender and helping them solve problems early in their careers. His ambition is to bring this new talent to the industry and develop his own skills.

Gamecan is a rapidly growing game development studio based in Pärnu, Estonia. We specialize in Unreal Engine.

With our fast growth it’s been a challenge to find new talent as fast as we’d like to expand our team and we see that the problem is increasing globally. More and more Unreal Engine specialists are needed in the game industry as the engine is quickly growing in popularity.

This, and the mission to develop the game development scene in Estonia, is what led us to creating Full Cycle Game Academy and we are really excited to welcome new students to our academy!

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