From Argentina to Estonia! Nicolas’s story

Aug 2, 2023

Our graduated student Nicolas is sharing his journey to move abroad and career after Full Cycle Game Academy.

Nicolas’s story

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it’s the first time I’ve moved abroad. In August 2022, I left my country to come to Estonia. Sometime ago, I had a thought that I never found the time to ask myself: “What do I love to do in life?” It wasn’t until I realized that I must make time for this question if I want to enjoy what I do every day. I used to work in a regular nine-to-five office job, which luckily was quite relaxed. So, I managed to find some time to study both at work and home.

Around 5 years ago. I did some online courses, and it was hard to make something on my own. After a couple of years, I connected with some friends online who shared the same interested and we started collaborating on projects together. It was during this time that I realized my true passion for making games. My goal had being always to improve in game development working with people that loves what they do.

Full Cycle Game Academy

I found Full Cycle while browsing for jobs on LinkedIn. One interesting aspect for me was that all the teachers were actively working in the game industry. This meant that I wouldn’t only learn from the documentation, I could also learn from their experience in game development. The process of relocating to Pärnu was an adventure especially considering the new travel regulations outside of Argentina. Despite the fast-paced changes, I managed to apply and within a month, I found myself in Pärnu. Maret was incredibly helpful, providing me information about permits and renting accommodations, and all the people that I met was great. Full Cycle has awesome teachers. One thing that was remarkable for me, is the passion that they have not only to create games but  also for imparting their knowledge and experiences to the students. The teachers were always ready and well-prepared to explain topics that was hard to understand. I absolutely recommend the Full Cycle course for everyone with a passion for games. It was a life-changing experience for me, not only because of the learning process but also because of the incredible people I meet along the way.

Living in Estonia and Career

Adjusting to Estonia’s lifestyle was relatively easy for me. Pärnu is a beautiful place, although it did take some getting used to the short winter days, which could be confusing at times, instead applies to summer, with their extended daylight hours offered a contrasting experience. The Estonian language is a challenge, but fortunately, everyone speaks English, which makes communication much smoother. Another interesting fact to me is the Estonians sauna culture, what have being a new experience for me, but I agreed that is fun. However, I’m enjoying my time here! After completing the Full Cycle program, I received the fantastic news that Gamecan hired me. I felt extremely happy about the chance to keep learning and be part of this wonderful team. I am excited to build my career in this amazing company and make the most of every chance to grow. This opportunity has brought me so much happiness, and I’m determined to continue creating games for life! – Nicolas