Our journey at Unreal Fest New Orleans 2023

Mar 20, 2024

Our team had an unforgettable journey to Unreal Fest in the vibrant city of New Orleans, known as the birthplace of jazz.

After a long flight, we were excited to dive into an event that stands at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and educational advancement in game development.

Unreal Fest 2023 was not just another conference; it was a comprehensive blend of learning, community, and innovation, shaping the future path of our academy. It had a busy schedule with over 200 different talks and workshops over three days.

Keynote speaker Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, discussed Epic’s future and updates on their tool ecosystem. The fest showcased a range of topics including game development, Fortnite creation, filmmaking with real-time technology, and sessions on Unreal Engine’s advancements and applications in various fields. We had the privilege of meeting the very individuals who have imparted Unreal Engine knowledge to NASA’s finest engineers. The meeting was more than a seminar; it was a merging of ideas, where the future of space travel meets game technology.


We kept learning as we talked with James Butcher, the Head of Education at Epic Games. He was excited about our programs and really wanted to meet our team and students.
The academy’s unique approach caught the attention of many, including Bill Clifford, VP of Epic Games, who showed great interest in our projects like Contenders: Arena and Clever Cities. His appreciation for our technical skills was particularly encouraging.


However, Unreal Fest was not all work and no play. The social gatherings were a feast for the senses and the spirit. An exclusive partner mixer treated us to the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans with live jazz, gourmet cuisine, and an assortment of cocktails. The festivity reached its peak at the final party, a carnival replete with arcade games—a celebration of the community that is at the heart of Unreal Engine’s ecosystem.

Take a look at The most incredible party we have attended!

We also enjoyed bonding with Epic’s team, gaining insights from Tracey McGarrigan, Ari Arnbjörnsson, and Michael Seghal, and learning from the diverse sessions offered at the fest.

Unreal Fest was more than just a conference; it was a celebration of the bright future of game development. As we look ahead, we’re excited to incorporate what we’ve learned into enriching our academy’s programs. We are filled with gratitude for these moments and the community that continues to inspire us.
The fest has ended, but for Full Cycle Game Academy, this is just the beginning.

For a more detailed insight into the fest, visit Unreal Fest 2023’s webpage here. Recordings of the live-streamed sessions are available for those who missed the live event.